• disposable plastic tableware (PKFS111)

    disposable plastic tableware (PKFS111)

    This knife, fork and spoon handle is frosted and has a non-slip effect. The product uses a translucent design that looks very delicate. The product are made of the PS raw materials, so that the product are durable and not easily damaged. it can use independent packaging according to customer need.
  • FPCD605
  • SPCA124
  • SPCA123
  • plastic cap(FPCD604)

    plastic cap(FPCD604)

    Product description Product code: FPCD604 Material: PE Type: Plastic cap Usage: plastic bottles(such as Juice Bottle、water bottle、beverage bottle,etc.) MOQ: 100,000pcs Custom Order: Accept Place of Origin: Shandong, China Brand Name: Jiuxing cap Color: Can be customized(base on MOQ) Logo: can make logo(base on MOQ) Sample: can provide Certificate: ISO9001.QS.Other certifications can be done to meet the need. OEM service: Yes Feature: 1.Decorate closures.2.O...
  • plastic cap(FPCD604)

    plastic cap(FPCD604)

    This kind of plastic cover has a smooth top and vertical stripes on the side. It's a little like a trumpet. There needs to be a base inside. The base is provided with a pull ring, which can play a good anti-theft function. The cover can be dustproof and can also be used for decoration.
  • plastic dustproof cap(FPCE504)

    plastic dustproof cap(FPCE504)

    This plastic dust cover is mainly used on canned food such as canned pork, canned fish, canned beef, etc. It can protect the mouth of the can from dust and keep it clean.
  • plastic dustproof cap(FPCE517)

    plastic dustproof cap(FPCE517)

    This plastic dust-proof cover can be used on canned luncheon meat or various food cans, which can prevent dust, not only make the product look more delicate and beautiful, but also more hygienic.The specific style can be customized according to customer requirements , The color can be customized.
  • plastic cap for tinplate can (SPCA1160)

    plastic cap for tinplate can (SPCA1160)

    This all-in-one bottle cap is suitable for tinplate cans. Place the bottle cap in a suitable position, and then press it down to fix it on the tinplate can, which can serve as a seal. Open the top cover and take down the ring to pour out the product.
  • flip top cap with pull ring (SPCA112)

    flip top cap with pull ring (SPCA112)

    This bottle cap looks like a one-piece cap, but it is actually assembled from two parts. Open the upper cap and pull the ring,The liquid inside can be poured out. Then close the cap and it can still serve as a seal to keep the product fresh. This cap can be used for edible oil packaging and beverage
  • plastic grinder (SPCE101)

    plastic grinder (SPCE101)

    This plastic grinder can be widely used in coarse salt, peppercorns, peppercorns, etc. After rotating the grinder around left and right by several times, the salt, peppercorns, or peppercorns will be ground into powder. It tastes well. On the other hand, the product after grounded is more fresh.
  • plastic fork (FPF702)

    plastic fork (FPF702)

    This product is a high-grade plastic product. It is 100% made of food-grade PP raw materials, without any industrial powder or recycled materials. The production process is strictly controlled by the dust-free disinfection process, which is reliable in quality, easy to use and delicate in appearance
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